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February 3, 2013
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Tumblrdump... mostly. by MexicanManatee Tumblrdump... mostly. by MexicanManatee
Dibujos que subí a Tumblr en su mayoría, con cosas desde hace como cuatro meses, ye.

1) Kanayaaaaaaaaa, es mi troll femenina favorita. c:
2) Este, tipo, ñeeeeh. En su vieja ropa también.
3) Un dibujo de como se conocieron un personaje mio y la de ~FreakyNintendoChic
5) J-J-J-Jack Froooooooooossssssssst (Es un gif en Tumblr [link])
6) Oddy pensativo.
7) Un viejo personaje y uno más reciente. Tengo una historia para ellos. Creo que la haré algun día, no lo sé, es pura comedia. :B
8) Un universo alternativo de los personajes de Housemates+Ralph el Demoledor que creo ~EdgeGurl77.
9) Tu, hombre viejo.
10) Sh-sh-sh-shuffle.
11) "Chicos lindos" por lo que he oído.
12) Bocetos de L.E.
13) El Director con nuevo peinado que no parece de adolescente, por que es un adulto descarado y exitoso.
14) Dáme tu poncho.
15) Una cabeza de zombie en un tanque, lo hice para Jenn.
16) Mexicanos. :iconlazeplz: O bueno, personajes de Kraten. :I

With stuff from about 4 months ago too, ye.

1) Kanayaaaaaaaaa, she's my favourite female troll. :^D
2) This dude, sheeesh. In his old clothes too.
3) A sketchy drawing of how Princess and Milkshake met. ~FreakyNintendoChic wrote a story about it here ---> [link]
5) J-J-J-Jack Froooooossssssssssssst. (It's a gif on Tumblr [link] )
6) Thoughtful Oddy.
7) An old character and a recent character. I have a story idea for them. I'm thinking of doing it someday, idk, it's pretty much comedy. :B
8) There's was this Housemates+Wreck-it-Ralph AU that ~EdgeGurl77 made, we call it Burn-it Marco.
9) You old man.
10) Sh-sh-sh-suffle.
11) "Cuties" from what I've heard.
12) L.E. sketches. In TDL you saw L.E. eating the lullaby and then in his new reference sheet I said he don't sings anymore because "it may get problematic". Yeah well. You get it now. If you haven't before.
13) The Director got rid of his teenager-looking haircut because he's a sassy successful adult man.
14) Give me your poncho.
15) A zombie head in a fishtank I made for Jenn.
16) Mexicans. :iconlazeplz: Or well, Kraten characters. :I
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tarantellino Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hrrrnnnnngg all these drawings! I kind of wish I had a tumblr just so I wouldn't miss all of your arts :^I
Nnnnnnggggg, you should get one! So then you could put your arts in there too :iconmegustaplz:
I usually use it to post some doodles and such, thought. :'D
tarantellino Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I might, just because so many of my friends have them. Possibly :iconbeardstrokeplz:
tarantellino Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I might, just because so many of my friends have them. Possibly :iconbeardstrokeplz:

Also, do you have skype or something? Because I think it would be easier to talk to you in there, and I don't really get that much into facebook, so.
tarantellino Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes! My username is noahgrigni because i'm just that creative.
I'm never on facebook either, so maybe that would be a better plan.
Just added you. c:
ultimatejulio Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ese perrito (con mirada retadora >.O) sigue siendo mi favorito xDD
Jajajajajaja ¡Nunca le ganarás! Nacio con los ojos abiertos y así se quedarán para siempre.
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